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About me

Hi there! Welcome to My name is Romana. I started this website as a platform for all my passions. I love to travel, cook, photograph and write. Lately, I have been working a lot on my self-development, and through that way, I got to know incredible people with amazing stories and philosophies. I slowly started to realize it was only a logical step to start a platform like this. The truth is, everyone has a story and there is so much we could all learn from each other. On I am sharing my travel, cook and grow stories and those of the people who allow me to. I hope that after visiting this website, you feel more connected to yourself and more connected to everything and everyone around you. I truly hope you love this website! If you do, don’t forget to subscribe to the monthly newsletter. Also, feel free to visit our social media channels and our podcast. Enjoy! 


Traveling feels good because it feels like freedom. During traveling you can leave your stress about your past and future behind, being completely pulled into the moment.

Join me to the travel page where you can read about amazing places to visit and unique experiences!

Travel - Mountains Annapurna Nepal
© Photo by Hieu Vu Minh


Since we all need food to grow, why don’t we spoil our loved ones with amazing food so we can grow together? Because, isn’t the best part of cooking that moment when your loved ones take a bite of the food you served them and smile? 

Check out some tasty recipes through the button down below!

Cook - Pad Thai


Growth sometimes is intertwined with pain. Nonetheless, there is a magnificent beauty to growth. It made us who we are today and will make us better versions of who we will be tomorrow.

Let’s take in some food for the soul!

Grow - Garden Stupa Kopan Monastery Nepal

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